Monday, June 11, 2012

where is the worst place to get melanoma

The short, easy to remember answer is "There are no good places to get melanoma." If the question plagues anyone, that response will certainly give nightmares.

Melanoma is what it is and because of that, it is imperative to learn its nature. It's important to understand that if you have a place anywhere on your body, including eye, mouth, ear canal, rectum, scalp, between toes, nail-bed... any place means just that... any place, that nags at you, isn't behaving like it should, is giving trouble, is changing, is scabbing repeatedly, itching and/or bleeding, be it a mole or NOT, then that place is your worst place to get melanoma. If that's what it, indeed, is. Get it checked by a dermatologist that specializes in melanoma in particular, or skin cancer in general in case it's not melanoma but cancer nonetheless.

The worst place to get melanoma is in any place you're concerned about, but you're watching  just in case it stops doing what it's doing to cause concern. While you're watching and hoping, it's growing and spreading if it's melanoma. That's its nature. While you're watching what it does on the surface where it can be seen, you don't have a clue what it's doing where it can't be seen. Lymph nodes aren't visible to the naked eye. Neither is your bloodstream, brain, liver, lungs, heart, or spine. Neither are your bones. Melanoma doesn't necessarily spread on the surface, it can spread anywhere throughout the body. Where it may be spreading is the worst place to get it.

The worst place to get it is that place you think is no big deal. It's just a tiny spot on an arm or leg. If it gets a little bigger... so? Right now it's not bothering anything and if it starts to grow or be bothersome, then it will be dealt with, but for Besides, it's on the skin and can be easily cut out, stitched up, and it will heal and life will be fine. Oh really? If that spot is melanoma, it's in the worst place possible because you don't get it. Yet. You don't have a clue about it's nature. Yet. There's no such thing as "happily ever after" once melanoma is attached to a person. At any stage. Stage 1 can become stage 4 mighty fast.

As Chaplain Boss Queen of Hotel Melanoma, I assure the worldwide population of people who may potentially get melanoma one day, and that's everyone who doesn't currently have it, that this is not the place to be! Our proprietor does  a good job and has just upgraded our laundry room, but clothes are the only thing "spotless" at this establishment.

In this establishment, our membership constantly changes. New faces join. Old faces leave. Both are permanent. Once you sign the guest register you never leave. We're here until we die. That's the only way out, and that is, obviously, permanent. We know sadness here. It's certainly not easy to be a resident.

On the other hand, we're a great group of people and a blast to hang around. We've got our life-stories and we often sit around sharing. We understand each other and have a love and zest for life that cannot be extinguished! We like to burst into song around the campfire. There's even talk of getting our own golf course with no trees, sand, or water anywhere to be seen!

We're moving up in the world.

And that's a problem. We really are moving up the cancer ladder in number but not in funding. Even so, great strides are finally starting to be made in treating melanoma and getting us closer to that all elusive cure.

But this is where we are.  If you, reader, don't have melanoma, then maybe it's not too late for you. Any damage that you've already done to your skin, be it from sun and/or tanning bed, is irreversible. Don't keep adding to it. And, hopefully, there has been no damage that will lead to cancer. Stay on top of it. Pay attention, head to toes, and get everything suspicious checked out, removed, and pathed. Don't be complacent. Don't take your health for granted and don't take for granted that the place that nags at you is nothing.

That's the worst place to get melanoma.

Get it checked. You just might be