Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It has been a while since I posted because I've been focused on other things, but those others things have reminded me of how much I have to be grateful for. They have also served to show me some of the lessons I've been learning since being diagnosed stage 3b melanoma in late 2008.

My Melalessons:
1.  What good is a clean house if you can't live in it? I've learned priorities are often upside down. We care more about our stuff than our people.

2.  Time can be either your friend or your enemy. It's always better to have friends and you can never have too many, so embrace the time of today. That's the only time you can be sure of.

3.  That said, don't spend your time in a state of panic or fear, even if you have something to panic about or be scared of.

4.  Take a bite out of that which seeks to take a bite out of you, thereby taking the sting out and bringing purpose to your troubles. That's why I write and administrate Melanoma Prayer Center and do what I can to advocate for melanoma research, write against tanning beds (they should be burned), and do what I can to educate sun-worshipers.

5. Don't sweat the small stuff. Not sure what the "small stuff" is in your life? What's the stuff that rankles your last nerve and sets you to hollering at the ones you love? You've probably identified "small stuff," the stuff that, at the end of the day doesn't matter at all and you've forgotten all about it...or will after a good night's sleep. If you've got to sweat something, sweat the big stuff.

6.  Keep working on your relationships, especially your relationship with God. That's the one that matters most. Don't neglect it.

7.  Be grateful. Don't think you have anything to be grateful for? Look around you. Still can't find anything? Go back to bed, you're just not trying.  Do the world a favor and take a nap and try again.

8.  Instead of making mountains out of molehills, give your mountains to God and let Him transform them into molehills.

9.  Be sun smart not stupid. Dead ain't sexy. Spread the word. A lot of people need to hear what you have to say...never stop being an advocate. Remember, take a bite out of melanoma.

Life is good. It's a blessing. Even when there are storms in life...those gray clouds hold silver linings...

And I am grateful.