Saturday, June 30, 2012

Melanoma-Pancreatic Cancer Link

A huge "thank you" to the person who did the search earlier today for how are melanomas and pancreatic cancer linked together. I have already blogged about the link between melanoma and breast cancer, and men, just like that post was for you, so's this one. For everyone with a pancreas, that is. I didn't know there is a link. But there is. My hunch is that eventually science will find all cancers are linked in various ways.

For now, people with a family history of melanoma need to add "pancreatic cancer" to their growing list of concerns. I'm the kind of person that finds knowledge invaluable and life-saving. I believe ignorance can be deadly. I may wish there was no link between these two cancers, but since there is, I want to know about it. And I need to pass along what I learn.

Since this is brand new to me and not to others who are already working on this, I'm simply going to provide a list of links and let you, the reader, follow these leads to your heart's content. Some are more technical than others. Please, if you have children, pay close attention to any warnings you may come across regarding vigilance where they are concerned. Keep in mind that this research appears to be fairly new and while the current statistics are relatively low, they still represent people and families.

Again, thank you to the person who initiated this with a mere search term. This post isn't meant to frighten but to inform. Knowledge is power.

And I am grateful that is so.