Friday, June 22, 2012

Tanning? Let’s Focus On What You CAN Do!

College Kid, while he detests the tanned look, isn’t thrilled with our legislative efforts against it. Keep in mind he’s not quite 22. In his young mind what we’re trying to achieve is reminiscent of Prohibition and we’re going to create more illegal tanners than we otherwise would have and, in short, tanning won’t be going anywhere. Let’s say he’s right. People do have a history of not liking to be told what they cannot do. Parents don’t like to be told what their children cannot do, especially when they approve of the activity in question.

OK, instead of me telling you what you and your children cannot and should not do when it comes to tanning, please let me tell you what you can do while you get your glow on.

You can damage your skin and allow your children to damage theirs’. Irreparably.

You can get well acquainted with leather. Personally. That’s what your skin will look like over time.

You can look far older than you really are. You can like that immensely. I know your plastic surgeon will thank you.

You can spend a lot of money, over time and depending on how many people you are paying for, to tan. Not too terribly smart because you may need that money later because…

You can get skin cancer.

You can get melanoma.

You can get scars and disfigured.

You can change your life.

You can do all that for your children.

You can die.

You can do all this while you’re young.

Your children can do this while they’re young.

You can do nothing to stop this from happening once it gets set in motion.

You can stop now.

You can never start.

You can choose to have great skin.

You can choose to look young (while your friends don’t).

You can choose life for you and for your children.

These are all things you can do with or without legislation.

You can drastically lessen your chances and the chances of your children of getting any skin cancer or melanoma.

You can be grateful.


  1. Nice post. I am a firm believer in leading by example and when approached on the matter, educate. I had my three month this week and am currently sporting 6 stitches from two biopsy's that were taken. When asked why I wasn't feeling well I explained I had a minor surgery and that lead into the skin cancer conversation. I don't flaunt it, I don't hide it. I simply am here living life and when I can, bringing it to peoples attention the dangers. I didn't tan, my damage is from the sun itself.

    Awesome post!

  2. Thanks, Kisma. Mine's from the sun (and family history), too. I've never even seen a tanning bed. I hope your biopsies comes back clear. Blessings and prayers!


Thank you.