Saturday, January 7, 2012

They Dare To Care

There are many people who are touched by melanoma who blog. They either have the cancer themselves, are the spouses of someone with it, the parents, the child, the sibling. Usually our friends don't blog about it; generally it's either us or our nearest and dearest. Those who are most directly affected.

These blogs take various forms. Some come complete with pictures, some don't. They all have one thing in common:

They are written by people who dare to care.

One word about this: these are blogs that are readily available to anyone online. These are not on Facebook, though many of us DO have Facebook sites. Those of us who blog and are also on Facebook will usually have either links to our FB pages or the FB badges of our pages.

You will see the links to my Facebook pages in the upper right corner of this blog: Melanoma Prayer Center and Melanoma Grief Chapel.

Below is a list of blogs about melanoma. The list will be incomplete, not by choice, but because new ones are coming online regularly and it's hard to keep up. Also, being one person, I simply don't know about each and every one. Please add to the list. I thought it would be useful to have a handy list in one place to reference.

The first three are listed together because, together, we call ourselves "Power Rangers" and I don't want to break up the group. We are, Chelsea Price, Al Estep, Rich McDonald, and myself. We'll be participating in an AIM ay Melanoma Walk in Charlotte, NC November 17th and invite you to join us. Now, for those blogs:

Adventures With My Enemy...Melanoma by Chelsea Price

Black Is The New Pink by Al Estep

Hotel Melanoma by Rich McDonald

Tan Today, Tumors Tomorrow by Jill Sizemore. Her husband, Eric, died August 3, 2011.

Prayers for Jen by Jen

Melanoma Sucks by Melissa

My Journey on Eagle's Wings by Meredith Legg

Jillian's Journey with Melanoma: A Mother's Story by Susan Hayes

SMelanoma Stinks by Michael Alan Brockey. He died November 18, 2011.

Dodged a Bullet by Carolyn Myers

It's Only Melanoma by Becca

Peace, Love, & Melanoma by Lisa

Melanoma Wife by Mindy Anderson

Pale Skin Is In by Tina and Todd Sullivan. Tina died July 22, 2011.

MelanomaGirl by Andrea

Melanoma Research Foundation Blog

AIM At Melanoma Physicians Blog

Traci's Fight by Jason

My Journey Fighting Melanoma by Paul Hummel

Miss Melanoma: The Official Site for the Fun Side of Cancer

The Melanoma Blog by Dr. Lynn Spitler, Director of the Northern California Melanoma Center

Linda's Melanoma Journey by Linda.  Linda died March 9, 2009.

Em and Michael's Blog by Emily and Michael McAuliffe

Melanoma Madness by Lynn

Melanoma Updates by Dr. Dr. Bezozo, President and CEO of MoleSafe USA

My Ocular Melanoma: Rob's Story by Rob Lee

2 Battles with Melanoma in 28 Years by Jessica Rogowicz

Club Melanoma by Darryll

Alice In MelanomaLand by Dannette

My Journey with Melanoma by NicholasThornburg

Chaotically Precise: Life, Love, and Melanoma by Les

STRONG ENOUGH by Christina

Embracing My Own Glow 

Mommy's Kicking Cancer's Ass by Kelly

Safe in the Sun: From Heel to Healed: My Melanoma Survival Story by Catie Goodman

Pretty in Pale by Katie

Glenna's Blog by The Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope 

Prayers for Spencer by Trey Styons

Eye On Melanoma by Suzanne Lescure

The Skin I'm IN...Shining The Light On Melanoma by Alicia B

Melanoma and the City by Erin Youngerberg

E-Nevus Notes by the Family of Evan Coleman

Life's A Beach by Kerri Pierce

Sounds Like Life To Me by Kisma

Just Another Bump in the Road by Jennifer Martin

Your Tan May Be KILLING You... by Donna

32 with Melanoma by Darrell

Melanoma Mom: My daily fight against metastatic melanoma by Jamie

Life with Melanoma Video Blog by Kelsey(this links to Kelsey's youtube channel)

The Ogler by Peter Ogle

Alli's Equilibrium by Alli

Alisa by Alisa and Josh

Melanoma Muppet: No one loves your life more than you do...advocate for yourself by Lynn Luckeroth

Madeleine's Blog by Madeleine

Melanoma Goddess by Samantha Hessel

Respect the Rays by Timna Understein

My journey with defeating stage 3B Malignant Melanoma video blog by Donna M. Piunt

Living with Melanoma by LuAnn Marshall

Light Skinned Mother by Anjannette Figueroa-Bess

Mel with Melanoma by Melissa 

My Shovel List by Miranda Parker 

Melanoma: Back to life after stage IV by Strong Steph 


Dream.Believe.Win by Jason Hill 

The Melanoma Ripple Effect by Jonathan Hayes 

NashVegasMom by Amy Willett 

Rebekah's Randomness by Rebekah 

melanomathletecyclist by Nathan Jones 

My Team Vs. Melanoma by Sandy Armstrong DePaolo

my mountain called melanoma by jolainajo

Abnormole by Penelope 

Mission "Melanoma" by Pam Bush 

Me & My Unwelcome Visitors | Tales of my battle with cancer by Ben Edge

The Bottenberg Family by Braden and Andrea Bottenberg 

Letha's Happy Hospital Funtime Blog! by Letha Rodman Melchior  
¡Mela-NO-MAS!  by Martha Bishop 

The Lunsford's Melanoma Journey by Bennie and Janet Lunsford

Trusting His Plan by Sandra

Kathi's Melanoma Journey...A Walk In Faith by Kathi Bailey

Melanoma NO MORE by Donna Pearce

Taking it One Day at a Time by Mama Steg

Dr. Mo Iowa by Dr. Mo Milhem, a melanoma and sarcoma specialist in Iowa

Holy Moly, Melanomy: My LIFE With Melanoma by Amber Vasco

Give a Smile Today by Stacie

Letha's Happy Hospital Funtime Blog! by Letha Rodman Melchior

Amazing Melanoma Mom by Stephanie Keffer

My "Big C" is Christ, cancer is a little c by Kim Andrews

A Day In The Life of A Daisy by Wendy Marie

Melanoma Mama by Donna Helm Regen

Marry Mint by Amanda

melanomathletecyclist by Nathan Jones

My Melanoma Triumph by Adrienne Lotton

The Cupcake v. Cancer by Summer Heath 

Waiting for Happy by Kristy Bolte 

This Little Light of Mine by Laura May

You may also search this particular blog, Attitude of Gratitude for "melanoma" as many of my posts are about this disease.

Read our stories. Look at the pictures and watch the videos of those who have them. Real Life stories of real life people...

Who dare to care

And share

And I am forever humbled to be counted as one of them, blessed,

and grateful.


  1. How wonderful of you to put them all in one spot...I will be forwarding for those that need information...All of you have been such a blessing to me! Hopefully I can like we all dream of...WRITE ABOUT A CURE!

  2. Thank you for mentioning Dodged a Bullett - Fight Against Melanoma. I appreciate it. I've been quite delinquint in keeeping it up to date and now I have motivation. I guess when things are going well for me, I forget to talk about things. I should remember it's healthy to keep communicating.
    Carolyn Myers

  3. Thank you for finding my blog and connecting it to others--it is important to us, not only for those of us that are in the fight, but those that have survived. It gives us hope. It keeps us going.

    Christina McEvoy

  4. I really appreciate you adding my blog to this list. It's so great to have a list of all these great sites. I'm looking forward to visiting some of the others.

    Katie Wilkes

  5. Thanks so much for adding my blog and for all you do. You are awesome!!!!

  6. Thank you for being willing to gather such an amazing group of personal reflections on such an insipid and ruthless enemy. Our collective goal appears to not just take on the emotional reality of our lives, but to spur on the work that will render our stories as footnotes in history, that a curative process might be discovered so that others may only experience our grief through our words and not their own experience.

  7. I have a blog for my husband. He is 35 years old with Stage IV melanoma. He was diagnosed in January of 2012. Our blog is

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Jennifer! I've added you to the list. Prayers for all of you, friend. If either, or both, of you are on Facebook and need support contact me through Melanoma Prayer Center.

  8. This is really an informative & useful blog. Thanks for sharing with us. Day care in Noida

  9. Thank you so much for adding me to your melanoma blog list! It's a WE thing for sure! WE all need to spread the word!

  10. is my melanoma journey in blog form. Perhaps you would consider adding my blog to your list. I think you're doing a wonderful thing and your blog is very helpful. I try to read as many other fellow melanoma blogs as possible. With this site I've found many more to read. Thank you, LuAnn Marshall

  11. Thanks heaps for adding mine! And, there were plenty on your list that I hadn't heard of yet, so am looking forward to checking them out :)

    Kylie :)

  12. Thanks for listing us all in one spot! We are an ARMY!! :)

  13. This is such an amazing list! Thank you for all that you do! XOXO

  14. I never replied to your post on my blog (I'm so sorry!). Thanks so much for sharing my blog with your followers/fellow melanoma community!

    1. Don't worry about it! I appreciate that you share you story. Blessings!

  15. Carol, I just saw this list! It is wonderful. And thanks for including mine. I will be soaking up the info in these blogs. I really appreciate all of the information I've gotten from you. I am a writer at heart & I hope someday my blog can help somebody else. I do feel like we are family. Hugs, Kathi

    1. I'm glad you like it and that it's helpful! Keep writing. You never know who's reading, so I'm sure, just by being "out there" that you're helping people. Blessings, Kathi!

  16. Thank you for adding my Give A Smile Today site Carol. I've visited many blogs in the past but had no idea that there are so many. I will be visiting them as well. Thanks for sharing the list! Stacie


Thank you.