Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tanning Legislation: Let's Out-Law Some Death

Too bad we have to try and legislate common sense and life. I am sorely tempted to launch into a diatribe about common sense, not courting death, not being stupid, etc; but I won't. The people who need to listen to that won't and don't. They don't believe melanoma can happen to them so they keep courting disaster. They'll get it when they get it and say "I do" to the disaster that is wooing and pursuing them. It will be a match made in hell. They'll listen then, but it will be too late. They'll join the choir I sing with.

No. This is for those of us who are well acquainted with melanoma. I, personally, have never even seen a tanning bed up close and personal. Don't want to. As a preacher, I've seen plenty of coffins. They just usually have dead people in them; not live. Oh well.

I do, however, know the dangers of tanning. I do know the dangers of tanning beds. For the life of me, I cannot understand people who want to make their living selling human leather and death, and who turn a deaf ear to all the warnings. That's plain immoral. I cannot understand people who continue to plop down their money at these places and play Russian Roulette with their lives. There was a time that the dangers weren't known. They are now. I've got far too many friends in melaworld living with the consequences of those trips to the tanning salons. Their lives are forever, needlessly, changed. I witness parents standing with their sick, very sick, children, who battle melanoma and fight for another day.  I witness beautiful young adults wishing they could turn the clock back and realize "pale is sexy and beautiful" is the truth, and that "tan is sexy and gorgeous" is a deadly lie.

I've seen far too many die young because they couldn't turn the clock back and NOT go to that tanning bed. NO tan is worth your life. But because people still aren't listening despite the people that surround them that testify TO life and against tanning, states now have to turn to legislation.

Melapals, that's where we come in. We're needed and this is our rallying cry. AIM at Melanoma is leading the way across the USA and they need our help.

To find out what the current law is in your state, go here and scroll down to the appropriate link.

They have a toolkit to help you, but you have to email them to get it. Info is here.

When you look at what states are doing, if anything, about tanning beds, you'll notice that some states mention "doctor prescriptions." Now, a sane person might ask, "Why in the world would a doctor with a valid license prescribe a tanning bed?" Good question. The answers are nutty, but the question is good. This will give some insight.

The USA isn't the only country tackling tanning beds. Australia is too and I'd like to give a shout out to Jay Allen and his work.

Finally, if you'd like to see what melanoma looks like, and this was due to tanning in a tanning bed, look at these videos of a wonderful man who died in August 2011. RIP Eric and thank you!

Nobody likes to see common sense have to be legislated. But that is where we are with tanning beds. They ought to be illegal. Period. The law in all 50 states should be, "If you're alive you can neither buy one or get in one no matter how old or young you are." We aren't there yet.

"Coffins are for the dead, not the living." "Dead ain't sexy." "People don't get it until they get it", referring to melanoma. I can come up with all kinds of clever mantras. I can't write laws.

Friends, they don't know what they stand to lose. We do. Let's help them out and work with AIM.

Maybe one day some of these people will be grateful. At least they might be alive.

Thank you. I'm grateful, on their behalf, of the work you will do because you care.

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