Thursday, April 7, 2011

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining and Mine's In Cyberspace!

Who knew that when I started down Melanoma Road back in July 2008 that I'd wind up zooming through cyberspace riding the coattail of a mole?!

A lot of doors have recently opened up due to this time of my life that I'm extremely grateful for!  For one, God has graciously given me back the opportunity to write, which is something I've always enjoyed.  (I don't write my sermons unless they're for a wedding, funeral, or class).  I've missed taking keyboard in hand and typing to my little heart's content.  Now, with two weekly blogs and the Melanoma Prayer Center on Facebook, I write whether anything gets read or not.

I've noticed that much of what I write lately has to do with melanoma, except for my "Say That Again, Jesus" blog.  I feel a strong urge, nay, duty, to get as much info and support as I can out there for people and their families who are fighting the beast, will fight the beast, or have fought the beast and either beat it or fought the good fight against it.

To that end I'm grateful for cyberspace: I'm grateful to Google for providing free blog space and to Facebook for providing free space for the Melanoma Prayer Center (and for allowing people to access it and read what's there without belonging on FB).  I'm grateful for the communication capacity provided by each host and for my email accounts.  I'm grateful that the Information Highway has a an off-ramp for the Melanoma Research Foundation.

In case you need it, be thee a patient or care-giver, the MRF has a wonderful community section on their website where you can register and post questions and issues surrounding melanoma.  You'll meet some of the most wonderful, knowledgeable fellow journey-people there and get quick responses that will help you know that you're not alone and give you guidance to help with decisions.

Thanks to all of these cyber-opportunities, I've met people from France, Germany, Canada, Argentina, and all around the USA.  Folks I would not normally have had the chance to interact with.  They are the ones who inspired the MPC and keep me inspired as I write prayers and notes as a resource for them.

Sometimes the Internet can get a bum-rap because of all the seedy stuff and downright nasty sites that are out there, but the Internet is a tool.  It can be used for good or for bad.  It's up to each of us how we use it.  I, for one, appreciate the opportunities it affords me to spread the word about melanoma.  It also gives me, and others, a platform to warn people of the absolute dangers of the sun and tanning beds.  It gives me a chance to be a voice in the wilderness.

It has provided yet another avenue for something good to come from my stubbornness and stupidity that resulted in melanoma (you can find that story here:

If God uses any of what he allows me to write to help even one person that reads something I write, no matter where in the world they are...

Then I am grateful!

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