Saturday, April 30, 2011

Walking Miracles!

Yesterday, as I write, I was at a local Relay For Life event. As a current melanoma patient, it's always inspiring to see the Survivors take their grand lap to kick off the festivities.  Although this was a county that I'm fairly new to, I did know some of the people there as well as a few that proudly strutted their stuff in that lap around the track.

There's this one woman though that I want to lift up. I've known her for almost a year now. I know she has health problems, severe ones, but I didn't know she's a cancer survivor. None of her current issues are cancer related.  So I asked her after her victory lap about her cancer.  Keep in mind she's 81 years old.

Fifty-six years ago, when she was 25 years old, she had ovarian cancer and both her ovaries were, of course, removed. She didn't mention any other treatment, and to be honest, 56 years ago I don't know what else they could have done other than remove her ovaries, send her home, and hope for the best.

The best is apparently what she got! The hope it gives to know she has lived 56 years...FIFTY-SIX YEARS...following ovarian cancer surgery is absolutely an amazingly astounding miracle in my book!  One worth sharing.

No matter what I face, what you face, find hope in my friend.  She's one of the most upbeat ladies you'd ever meet, a sweet spirit, strong in her faith, spunky little thing who does what she wants as best she can with her walking stick and oxygen-waiting-for-her-at-home. Her heart operates at 30% capacity and she's always freezing cold. There are a few other ladies in this little country church who are also amazing.

As a matter of fact, look around and you'll see amazing people with their own amazing stories of hope, courage, and faith everywhere!

And I am grateful!