Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raindrops On Roses

These are a few of my favorite things:

Dr. Seuss and The Cat in The Hat; actually, everything Seuss!  Love him!
Red. Red cars, red shoes, red dresses & shirts. Red hair (which, God, I don't have).  I like all things "red" except rashes and measles.
Soft curls.  On my granddaughter's head.  Just like her Mama had and her Unc had.  Love baby curls!
Frost on the ground and tea in my cup.
Snow and hot chocolate.
Top of the morning and coffee, every day. Never gets too hot for fresh perked, strong black coffee. God IS good!
Planning a worship service and picking hymns.
Bursting into song!  Don't like it? Don't listen.  Songs are meant to be sung...anywhere!  Yes, that is a warning!
Wonderful smells. Florist shops and bakeries. Hard to beat fresh flowers and aromas from the kitchen!
Rainy days and stormy nights.
Disney movies. Still love the Lion King and Mary Poppins.
Musicals.  Can we sing "Oklahoma" and "Grease" and "Hair" and "Saturday Night Fever"?!
Disco!!!!!  Seventies music!!!!! 
Still have warm spots in my heart for Donny & Jay Osmond, David Cassidy, Tiger Beat & 16 & Fave magazines!  I wall-papered my hot-pink walls in pictures of those guys from those magazines.
My parents actually LETTING me have hot-pink walls!
My parents actually letting me having Osmond and Cassidy wall-paper!  (Who knew?)
Health and LIFE!  Big on Life!
Family: hubby of 31 years, daughter & her hubby & their little girl, son in college, Madre & Padre, brother and his two sons, aunts & uncles & cousins. Oh my!
God. saving the best for last. Without him the rest just isn't possible.
This list, obviously, isn't exhaustive.  Many more favorite things to mention. But if I did, all of cyberspace couldn't hold it.

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