Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How Many More Have To Die?

Before the medical profession wakes up and stops writing prescriptions for people to use tanning beds to kill them?

Before legislation, around the world, gets rid of ALL tanning beds in home, businesses, online, everywhere?

Before people, of all ages and skin tones, start paying attention to all changes on the surface of their bodies and get them checked immediately?

Before people, of all skin tones, get sun-smart?

Before people, of all skin tones, decide to love the skin they're in and RUN away from tanning beds, as fast as they can and not listen to lies from the tanning industry?

Before the tanning industry decides lives are more important than dollars?

Before doctors in the medical profession, who ARE NOT melanoma specialists, start referring ALL patients diagnosed with melanoma TO the nearest melanoma specialist?

Before ALL doctors stop telling patients to "let's watch that place and see what it does" instead of removing it and pathing it?

Before ALL people who work in a doctor's office and schedule patients understand when someone calls and says a mole is changing, they need to be seen asap and not put off a few months?

Before ALL doctors, melanoma and non-melanoma specialists alike, start getting ALL people with a new melanoma diagnosis SCANNED, regardless of their initial stage?

Before the insurance industry INSISTS on all their clients with a melanoma diagnosis GET SCANNED, regardless of stage?

Before people realize melanoma isn't just skin cancer, doesn't need skin to get started in, isn't anything to mess around with, can't be cut out and all is well, and can kill you?

Before some in the medical profession realize that?

Before some in the medical profession decide our lives are more important than their pride?

Before ALL in the medical profession understand this is NOT their life, fight, and possibly death, but OURS?

Before ALL in the medical profession are willing to fight as hard for us as we are?

How many more have to die deaths that many of which could have been prevented?

Too many.