Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dream A Big Ol' Dream For '13

I know the reality. I could write the show. I live on 1313 Melanoma Road and I don't see myself ever moving. I know the statistics. I know people behind the statistics...some are living the stats and others are beating the crap out of the stats. For some, unfortunately, even "living" the stat is wishful thinking. I know the reality of melanoma. All of us with a room at Hotel Melanoma do.

But we also know The Dream and it's a Big Dream and it keeps us going, giving us Hope. It's a God-Fueled Dream. Our Dream is a Nightmare for some. Our Dream leaves the tanning industry tossing and turning (scheming and churning). Our Dream is the thorn in the side of some legislators. Too bad. Don't mess with Roses. But our Dream is becoming the New Reality and one day, one day, it WILL be the way things are. Not today. But, the day is coming.

2013 will continue to be "Our Year." We've seen good things happening. But not enough good things and not to enough people. So, here's The Dream. We Dream Big. We have to. Dream Big or go home.

So, Dream a Big Ol' Dream With Us For '13:

We Dare Dream that people will listen to our stories and warnings, all of them and pay attention and apply what they see and hear, from us, to themselves.

We Dare Dream that we can turn the tide and NOT be the number one cancer in NINE years! This can happen if people listen and become proactive.

We Dare Dream that the tanning industry will get a conscience, tell the truth, and close itself down.

We Dare Dream that ALL legislators in every state and every country will heed our voices and help the tanning industry shut down. That there will be tough legislation against tanning beds, in the home and in businesses and online, and that it will be enforced. We Dare Dream that ALL people will be protected and not just minors. Over 18 year olds can make stupid, vain choices too, get melanoma too, and die too. We Dare Dream that ALL countries will follow New South Wales lead and ban the tan. Period.

We Dare Dream for more and better treatment options. Melanoma earned its name "the beast." The reality is that a "cure" for everyone may be out of reach for a long while, if ever. Melanoma has no MO, does what it wants, goes where it wants to go, acts differently in each of us. BUT, it CAN become a manageable, chronic disease for all. That, right there, is a HUGE Dream that can become reality...and this year.

We Dare Dream that melanoma become a household word and that people understand what is is and because of that new understanding they generously fund melanoma research.

We Dare Dream that everyone, everywhere understand chances are really good that it will strike someone in their life and sun habits and tanning/bleaching habits aren't always good risk indicators. There's a genetic component; there are factors we don't understand. Yet. It strikes children of all ages and babies can be born with it if the mother has it. It can strike people in their golden years and those in their teen years. It doesn't care what a person's skin color is or their ethnicity. As a matter of fact, it absolutely LOVES, LOVES I tell you, that element of surprise and striking where least expected.

And, yes, we do Dare Dream of a cure. The more we learn the more it does become possible. That's a BIG Dream though, the Ultimate Dream.

2012 saw some good things.

2013 holds great promise of more great things to come.

And then we have these Dreams. Sweet Dreams. Dreams worth Dreaming and working for. Dreams worth sharing and pursuing.

God has planted these Dreams, and more, in the heart of everyone who lives with the disease.

When God plants a Dream, God brings it to fruition.

I pray I live to see some of these Dreams come to pass. But whether in my lifetime, or not, they WILL become reality. For someone.

And I am Grateful!