Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh My! Country Goes To City. Charlotte, That Is!

The first thing Mitch noticed is we're right next door to Macy's! Who knew? And who knew Mr. Bass Pro Shop would find Macy's exciting? But "hallelujah!" all cards are in my name and I'll be on the golf course tomorrow after the walk.

Oh, that would be the Aim At Melanoma Walk that I've been babbling about for quite a while now. The time has come. And we set off around Freedom Park in the morning.

First, I've got to get used to being in Charlotte which is the largest city in NC, even bigger than Raleigh, which I hate. Too fast-paced, too big, too much traffic, too too and not a tutu in sight. And that's an inside melanoma community joke. But I'm excited anyway.

I do all the driving in my red HHR so I drove from Conway (NC) to Charlotte, which took a little over 5 hours. I've never been here and didn't know what to expect. The drive, though long, was easy. Getting to the Double Tree Hilton was easy. What's NOT easy though is coughing up ten bucks every 24 hours to go online here! Hello! Hilton! Your guests should ALL have free access and not just Hilton Honors people. It was an advertised perk! I'll be here two days, that's $20 to go online! I'm not happy about that one little bit, but the room is lovely. The hotel is quite nice.

AND, I checked in right behind Allyson Townsend and her Spencer! I've already met a mole-mate! Good thing I hugged her and shook his hand before finding out about the Internet access!

I've got a box of Jilly's Jems Facts and Faces of Melanoma Calendars 2013 to hand out and three shirts to find wearers for for the Hayes clan who couldn't make it (and yes, Susan, I'll make sure to mail them back to you all nice and sweaty).

OK, that's it for now. I'm heading down to the lobby and see who I can ambush. Then some of us will be having supper around 7.

You'll hear from me again later tomorrow after the Walk and after golf. Don't choke, I'll be driving a golf cart only. I don't have a smartphone so I won't be sending constant updates and pictures in real time. Sorry. I'll have to come back and log on to Fb to see what was posted by other people so I can see what I did!

Glad to be here! Looking forward to getting so sore from hugging tonight that walking, tomorrow, will be a pain. But walk I will. And I will miss those who so wanted to be here and can't be. We'll walk for you and carry you in our hearts! You ARE with us! We'll carry you with us every step of the way.

Grateful for the privilege!


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  1. Another great posting Carol!!! That stinks that you have to pay for internet it should be included! Hug everyone for me:) Laugh at Rich in his tutu for me as well:) Enjoy the walk:) Have a blessed day with all of our mole mates:) Donna Piunt


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