Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey, Hey, We're The Walkers (Sorry Monkees)

It won't be long now and Black C Nation will arrive in Charlotte, NC for an Aim At Melanoma Walk November 17th. So, here's my little take on The Monkee's Theme Song (video here):

Here we come
Walking ‘round the Park
We got a guy in a tutu
That would be Mark.

Hey, hey we're the Walkers,
and people say we’re gaining ground.
But we're raising money,
to put melanoma down.

We just wanna advocate,
Come join us the seventeenth.
We're the Black C nation,
And we got people strength.

Hey, hey we're the Walkers,
You never know when we'll be ‘round.
So you'd better find money,
We may come walking in your town.



  1. I love it!!! When I was reading your posting I could hear the music playing in my head:) I love your sense of humor and creative ability:)

  2. Two thumbs up!! I could hear the music also!! Wish I was able to join you ♡

  3. Absolutely love it! I too, wish I could be there to walk side by side and sing our hearts out.


Thank you.