Saturday, November 10, 2012

Don't Stop Believin'

Oh yes, I did. I tackled Journey's classic. While I apologize, in advance for any head-shakes this may cause, my motives are good.

I have a stage 4 friend, who's flying in from Oregon next week for our Aim At Melanoma Walk in Charlotte and his mantra is, "Don't Stop Believin'" and when he says it, we believe it. Well, Mark, has asked for Journey and Journey he's going to get. This will teach him!

Here's a link to the official video. So, Mark, this is for you:

Just a tanned brown girl, livin' in a pale-filled world
She took the cancer train goin' out of here
Just a tanning boy, oiled and cool by swimmin’ pool
He took the cancer train goin' out of here

A doctor in a cancer ward
The smell of clean and sick bombard
For a while they can share their fight
It goes on and on and on and on

Patients daring, up and down the cancer ward
Their spirits hopeful in the fight
For cure people, living just to find a cure
Out there, somewhere in the fight.

Treating hard to get my fill,
Everybody knows the drill
Tryin' anything to roll the dice,
Just one more time

Some will live, some will not
All will give it all they’ve got
Oh, the journey never ends
It goes on and on and on and on


Don't stop believin'
Mel’noma’s goin’ down
For cure people

Don't stop believin'
Hold on
For cure people

Don't stop believin'
Mel’noma’s goin’ down
For cure people

Carol here, one day, people, one day. Melanoma's going down.

And I will be counted among the grateful!

So will Journey's Steve Perry who is, also, a melanoma survivor.



  1. FANTASTIC!!!!! Your my HERO CAROL!!!!! very well DONE

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for this blog....and your song for my cousin Mark Williams. When he was going through his special intensive cancer treatment I spent a couple of nights at the hospital with him just being there in case he had any adverse reactions. It was a special time in my life, understanding the toll such cancers take, watching the medical community give their all, reflecting on family and my own issues. To all of you who are dealing with cancer and remaining joyful, and positive, and appreciating life's everyday little moments...thank you for inspiring the rest of us. Have a good day with next weekend's Aim Walk. My niece goes to college in Charlotte and I hope she and some friends will come out to cheer all of you...especially the crazy guy in the black tutu. Thanks again, Jenny White, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

    1. HI Jenny, Thanks for connecting with me! I'm looking forward to meeting Mark next weekend. It's a weekend gala as many of us will be arriving Friday and leaving Sunday, myself included. I hope your niece and her friends will come join us. I'm just hoping the crazy guy in the tutu raises enough to wear it on the plane as well! If he totals $1000 airport security will be on standby!

      Grace and peace,


Thank you.