Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sorting Out ALL The Faces And Scars Of Melanoma Projects

Because there are several projects and sites revolving around The Faces and Scars of Melanoma, I want to take this opportunity to bring them all together, under the roof of this blog post. What follows is a list of all the ones I know about and how you can participate.

Two are on Facebook and both of these open community pages are administrated by Susan Visch Hayes, mother of a daughter who has stage 4 melanoma. Susan is also owner of Jilly's Jems. Note: Jillian died December 29, 2012.

1. The Faces of Melanoma. You share your own picture and story on this page. You can share the picture of your warrior, living or deceased.

2. The Scars of Melanoma. Again, you share your own picture of your scar(s) associated with your melanoma.

Posting and sharing on these two sites begins and ends there. Nothing is passed on to the Internet website.

I administrate the following pages which are on the greater Internet.

1. The Stories Behind the Faces of Melanoma. This is a blog set up specifically for you sharing your own story or the story of your warrior. Simply go and write your story in a comment box. I don't have to be notified for you to do this. Google will send me a message. When a new page needs to be opened up, I start a new page. If you do not have a Google account, you can post anonymously. Some people have emailed me their story and I will post them for you. But, this is something you can do without going through me.

2. The Faces And Scars of Melanoma. This is for the current warrior, as well as for remembering those who fought their fight and rest. There is also a page for scars. And, if you are doing anything to raise melanoma awareness, there is a page for that info as well. HOWEVER! ALL submissions and pictures must be emailed to me and I will post them. Details for submission are on the website. Please pay close attention to them. Remember, there is nowhere on the website for anyone, other than me, to add things.

I encourage you to look at the website and see how I do each page. That will show the kind of info to send. I keep all the emails in case there are any questions later. I'll be glad to post a picture of your face on one page and your scar on another. If you have a website or blog, let me know and I'll link your name to it. It doesn't cost you anything, only the time it takes to send an email.

3. This is the dedicated email address for sending submissions to the website. After I put your info online, I will email you where to find it.

Submitting to the website is ONLY to the website. I don't also post info to the Face book pages. 

I realize this can all get confusing when we see info about one project and think that's it or think all these are linked together. I hope this helps.

All of this began with Susan's remark and this blog post about her remark.

Please share your picture and your scar, your projects and our stories. Share those of your warrior.

We're in this together and we are