Friday, August 24, 2012

"You Weren't There To Save Harry"

There's a scene in the Christmas Classic It's A Wonderful Life that sums up how important we each are, how we impact one anothers' lives whether we know it or not, and how the choices we make influence history. The fact that we are here influences history and in ways we'll never know.

It's a scene that has impacted my own life and have given me many moments to pause and consider my choices.

We make a difference. It can be a positive one or a negative one and usually we do both over the course of our lives.

Who is your "Harry?"

"Saving Harry" propels me in the worlds I reside in. I want Harry to thrive and prosper, live large and just plain "live" so Harry can save other drowning people.

But if I don't save Harry, how will that ever happen?

We each have a job to do and a role to play while we're here.

Be grateful and go save Harry.