Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Can Do This! I Will Do This! A Word Of Encouragement

Everyday around the globe people are facing the unfaceable and attempting to do the impossible. What wasn't supposed to happen, was never even thought of as a possibility in a life, has happened and now must be tackled head-on and dealt with. Bravely. Courageously. Fearfully.

Failure is not an option and neither is doing nothing. There are, certainly, many life-events that fit this. What I'm thinking of is fighting cancer. Specifically, melanoma.

I've got a lot of melapals who need an in-your-face pep talk. They're scared of what they've got to do, but more scared of what will happen if they do not do it. I'm not talking about staying vigilant after the diagnosis. I'm not talking about knowing this disease and that emotional toll that must be faced.

No.. I'm talking to the one battling active disease at stage 4. I'm 3b so I do not speak from personal experience. What I do speak from, however, is the platform that my space in cyberspace has afforded me. I'm talking to my friends in the hospital with melanoma in their brain, liver, lungs, bone, spine, breast, anywhere you can think of. I'm talking to my friends undergoing surgeries and powerful toxic infusions and high dose radiation/gamma knife.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!! This is where you are. You've gotten this far in your fight against the beast and you've got to fight some more. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! Say to yourself, "I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS!" Pump yourself up. Tell those nay-saying voices to shut up and get out. No matter how scared you are, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

You don't have a choice and you know it. The only option is do to nothing and you know what that means. DON'T GO THERE! Chin up, big girl or big boy pants on, shoulders back, look straight ahead and march forward. Fight the fight to win. Run the race to cross the finish line. Hold God's hand and trust He's holding yours and GO! God's got your back and people are there for you and lifting you in prayer! Feel the weight of those prayers press in on you. You've got the plan, you've got the medical team, you've got the best treatment available, you know people are getting great results from what you'll be doing...so go do it. Face it and see it through to completion. Worry about the outcome and next step when that time comes. For right now, though, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

You can do this because God can do this! Whatever you've got to do, God is bigger. Lean on Him. He has the strength to get you in the car and get you where you need to be. He has the strength the hold your nerves steady and keep your knees from buckling. But you have to want His strength and ask for it. Try and do this on your own power and it will be hard. Even if you've never prayed before in your life, YOU CAN DO THIS now! You can pray now. You can trust God loves you now and will be there for you now and see you through this now. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

And because you CAN do this you WILL do this! That's the next, inevitable step. With every step you take, congratulate yourself and see how far you've come toward getting this done.

"I did it! I got out of bed. I WILL face this day!"
"I did it! I got in the car! We're on our way! I WILL get there and see this through!"
"I DID it! I'm at the hospital/doctor's! This is going as planned and I WILL do this!"
"I DID it! I made it through a slight bump in the road! Things are back on track now and I WILL do this! (we have to make allowances for those unforeseeable bumps that can happen...you'll hang in there and see them through).
"I DID it! I'm being prepped! This is happening and I AM seeing this through! I WILL DO THIS!"
"I DID it! It's over and I made it! I DID IT! I knew I COULD AND I DID!"

Again, just like you shut up those voices that tried to tell you "you cannot," shut up those voices that are now trying to tell you "you will not."

Failure is not an option and the only way to fail is to not try.

This is your fight; your race. And it is what it is and this is where it is. You've made it this far. You're in the fight. In the race. Hang in there and hang tough. You've already proven to yourself and to others that you're stronger than you ever imagined. Now you just have to keep proving it to melanoma. And you CAN do that, too. You WILL do that, too!

Acknowledge the fear and then push it aside. Let God rule...you CAN do it! Don't give in to fear or panic or pain ...deal with it but don't give in to it...you CAN do it! You WILL do it! You MUST do it.

And as you accomplish more than you ever thought you could, remember the One Who has empowered you for the fight, say a prayer of Thanks and be



  1. Thank you for this. I'm stage 4 and have this thing 'everywhere'. It was a huge shock to start with as I had no symptoms at all until a slight niggly pain in the chest led to a CT scan as they thought I had gall stones. But no.... BANG! You've got cancer and possibly 6 weeks. 7 months later I've done things I never thought I'd have to or could and I draw great strength from your blog. Because of the time difference I am often reading it in those dark hours of the night (it's currently 4 am) when you wonder if you can continue. Your blog reminds and reassures that with God's grace I and 'we' can.
    May God bless and keep you and all those who offer hope to the hopeless.

    1. Blessings, Veronica and prayers as you keep pressing on!


Thank you.