Friday, May 4, 2012

You Are Already A Melanoma Statistic!

I'll keep this short and sweet. Promise.

You either have melanoma or you don't. You're on one side or the other of that 100% chance stat and there's a stat if that stat will change.

If you have melanoma, there is a zero % chance that stat will ever be zero again. But there are stats as to what your stat can change to at any given time. The stats are 100% that if they change, they'll go higher.

If you do not have melanoma, but have skin, finger nails, toe nails, eyes, or any orifice that has some mucus in it, there are stats that you may develop melanoma in any of those places during your life. You may be on one side of the melanoma stat today and another side tomorrow but once you go from the "no melanoma" stat to the "have melanoma" stat, there's 100% chance you'll never go back to the other side again.

So, you're already a melanoma statistic. You're either one of those people without it. For now. Or you're one of those people with it. For ever. The without its can become with its and never go back. The with its will always, from here on out, be with it. There's a 100% chance of all that, too, and because those stats are, we need to take the stats thrown at us during the month of May, Melanoma Awareness Month, and all year round seriously.

I live on the with it side of the melanoma statistic. In this sense, "with it" is so 100% not cool!

If you live on the other side of the melanoma statistic, please take proper precautions to stay there.

There are few 100% guarantees in this life, but there are two.

I can 100% guarantee that you do not want melanoma and will wish, 100%, you had taken every precaution you could to prevent it should you ever find yourself on the other side of the stat..

May is Melanoma Awareness Month and in some circles, Skin Cancer Awareness Month with Monday May 7th designated as Melanoma Monday.

Make those who love you 100% grateful and make all lifestyle changes that are necessary to lessen your chances of getting melanoma.

We're all melanoma statistics, one way or the other. But 100% of us are 100% more than that because we are 100% people. We're in this together.

100% of us with melanoma don't want our numbers to grow and more people get that diagnosis.

100% of us with melanoma want to be grateful that you've listened to our stories, heard us, applied what we say to your life, and prayerfully you never join our ranks.

When that happens, 100% of us on both sides of the melanoma stat will be extremely grateful!

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