Monday, May 7, 2012

My Questions Without Answers Yet God's Promises Remain

Tenth Avenue North sings one of my favorite songs, Hold My Heart, and it has two lines in it I just love, "So many questions without answers. Your promises remain."

That "so many questions" would be me. "...without answers" would be me, too.  It doesn't matter how many extra words I throw in, no matter the nature of my questions, they can usually distill into "Why?" No matter what question I ask, God has a way of, sooner or later, letting me see a promise in action. Often I see a Psalm played out in response to my un-Job-like queries. Usually that Psalm is Psalm 23.

Why? Because I, the Lord, am your shepherd and whether you see it or not or understand it or not, you have all you need in Me. I promise.

Why? Because I'm leading you and I've got this. Need to rest? Need to rejuvenate? I'm leading you where you need to go. Trust your Shepherd.

Why? Because I'm guiding you where you need to go in order to bring Me glory. People will see Me at work in your life and trust Me to work in theirs.

Why? Because even in your life's dark times, I'm leading you and I promise to lead you when you face the darkest time you'll ever see. I'm going to lead you through this life, through the transitioning moment of death, and into the next life and you'll never make that journey again. I'm here, don't be scared.

Why? I'm protecting you, don't worry. And when you need comforting, I'm doing that, too. I've got what I need for those jobs. Remember, I'm your Shepherd. You just relax and be a good sheep and follow My Voice. Your life will go better when you do that.

Why? Because I've prepared the best place for you that you can imagine and all the enemies you faced in your earthly, mortal life won't ever get at you again. Not only that, but they'll see me pamper you and love on you and because I'm God and they aren't allowed in Heaven, they can't prevent the good things that will come your way forever and ever.

Why? Because even when you doubted, questioned, begged, and turned away, I doggedly pursued you with my Love and Goodness.

Why? So you could live with Me forever.

Be grateful.