Wednesday, April 18, 2012

any articles stating benenfits from tanning bed//money spent on tanning in us

Where do I begin? From my vantage point the answers are obvious. But I like to be helpful instead of mean. Since there are, obviously, people who want articles stating the benefits from tanning beds, and "any" article will do, allow me to come running to assist.

Come on, you didn't really think I'd do that, did you? Really? Seriously? Give me a break! Plug that term in any search engine and you're going to get a barrage of articles stating all kinds of benefits. Depending on what kind of benefit you're looking appeal, health, fighting depression and psoriasis, whitening your teeth, and getting your recommended dose of vitamin D, to name some, you will find articles tailored for every need. Now, look at the sources for all this valuable information. Can we say propaganda? They come from the tanning industry. Oh, my favorite does come from Dr. (and I use the term loosely) Joseph Mercola of "Land of Oz" fame and he has a fortune. Pay attention, he sells tanning beds on his website. Talk about sleazy. But I've ranted about him enough on this blog-site. Do a search for him here. Do a search for tanning. I'm moving on.

Looking for articles that state the benefits of tanning beds is dangerous and the only use for these articles is to make the tanner feel better about this activity, or give youth a weapon in their arsenal when they ask Mom or Dad if they can go to a tanning salon. Or ask for their own tanning bed for their birthday. Instead of listening to people who only tell you what you want to hear and benefit financially from that gullibility, grow a spine and listen to people who will not profit from you. There are people who want you to know the truth so you can make a sound decision of whether or not to tan.

National Cancer Institute
World Health Organization
American Academy of Dermatology
Aim At Melanoma
Melanoma Research Foundation
Skin Cancer Foundation

So, just how much money is spent on tanning in the US? Good and logical question.

The latest figures I could find come from the American Academy of Dermatology, "In 2010, the indoor tanning industry’s revenue is estimated to be $2.6 billion." Since the activity is increasing, those numbers are higher, in 2012, than this. Inching towards $3 billion is a lot of money spent on indoor tanning alone. Let's look at other costs.

The cost to treat melanoma. This was written in 2009, before the advent of Yervoy and other newer drugs and treatment options. Yervoy costs $120,000 for four doses. Since tanning beds and melanoma are linked, we have to consider these costs when looking at the money spent on tanning. You just won't be billed by your favorite tanning salon.

When looking at the money spent on tanning we also have to look at what a funeral costs. See, that tanning bed experience may well end up costing you your life. Even the cheapest funeral costs a few thousand dollars. 

Before tanning, please consider ALL the costs associated with it. When you lay down in that tanning bed and pull the lid down look into the future and envision someone pulling the lid down over you in your coffin. Consider the full cost of that on yourself and your family.

Now, do you really think the cost of that tan is money well spent?

Love the skin you're in. Don't kill it.

No matter what color your skin is: protect it, cherish it, be smart with it. Your skin can't talk and tell you how to look after it. It's counting on you and so are the people in your life.

There are no genuine benefits from tanning beds. There is far more than money involved in tallying up the costs of using them.

If you want to hear about the real costs of tanning beds, talk with people who have buried their children who died far too young and they died from tanning in a tanning bed and getting melanoma.

I promise you, they would love to be grateful to have their children here and tanning beds burned.