Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Got The Music In Me!

Some people would add to that, "Unfortunately!"  See, it's in me and I've just got to let it OUT!!!  I enjoy singing and will burst into belt at the drop of a hat.  Songs I make up as I go along (my forte), songs from the radio, songs from my era...the 70s and disco, hymns, it doesn't matter to me.  Alas, there's no record contract in my future though.  My singing often produces more smirks than smiles, but that's OK.  When you see swine in the sky, you'll know I'm cooking on all cylinders!  Is the world ready for swine in the sky?

The worst part for my family is, I've gone public.  After melanoma entered my life in July 2008 right before I turned 49, still 48 thank you very much, I decided life is just too short not to go vocal.  I grew up being a famous singer (in my dreams), and one Sunday I burst into song and sang the Prayer for Illumination at my churches, the chorus from "All We Ever Needed" by Rush of Fools.  Hubby wasn't expecting it, but survived as did both congregations.  It was so well received that I did that several times. I did it when I preached the Homecoming sermon at my home church.  My favorite theologian reported that the whole pew he was sitting on shook.  From laughter.  Though the church survived, I probably won't be invited back unless I promise not to do that again.  Oh well!

Before going any further, I must stop and give credit where credit is due.  My Mama.  I took voice lessons in the 9th grade.  Those were the only lessons I ever took that I actually enjoyed and that actually produced some fruit.  She was absolutely DETERMINED that I be musical.  She had the gene.  Her Mama had the gene.  My younger brother got the gene for both of us.  It knew he was in the future and bypassed me altogether.  My Mama must have spent a small fortune through my childhood years paying people to unearth buried talent in me.  I took piano lessons.  From a total of 5, count 'em, five, different teachers in roughly 7-8 years before the last one finally told my Mama I had no talent and she was wasting her money.  I had been telling her that for years!  Wasn't she listening to me practicing at home between lessons?!  May God bless that saint of a piano teacher who set me free!

While I was taking all those piano lessons, I also had to take other lessons.  I took art, violin, ballet, clarinet, and finally, voice.  I didn't take them all at the same time as I took piano.  I couldn't quit piano and I had to take something at the same time.  Piano and art; piano and violin, etc.  She was determined there was SOME sort of creative ability in me and she was going to find it by golly!  I could quit the other stuff, but I had to have something ready to take its place, along with the piano.

So why all the sudden sentiment about music?  March 21st I will celebrate my three year anniversary of being part of a church musicians listserv.  I joined the group when I was desperate for special music for a special event coming up at my appointment at the time.  I'm not a musician, but these people are.  They know their stuff and they came through like gang-busters with great suggestions.

Not even a month later, I turned to them again seeking special songs that celebrated recovery that I could send my brother in rehab that he and his band there could play.  Some of them SENT me music through the mail, at their own expense.  Through these three years, I have learned much from these friends about what it is to be a church musician and about worship.  When I've needed creative ideas for special services, they've been there.  When I've needed song suggestions, they've been there.  When I've needed opinions, they've been there.

They've got true music in them and talent to back it up and I appreciate them sharing it with the likes of me.  Today is St. Patrick's Day, so this "thank you" is timed for the listerv's moderator, who, judging by his last name "McIntyre" I'd say is Irish.  Now that I've put that in writing, he'll probably tell me it's Scottish.  Thank you Dean.  Thank you Methodist Musicians.

You've got the music in you, to the glory of God, and you do, indeed, let it out and it is beautiful!

And I am grateful!


  1. Thank you so much for your post! I am part of the list serv you mentioned and I also think it's a fantastic resource for musicians and nonmusicians alike who serve our churches. Congratulations on your anniversary! I look forward to sharing with you in the future.

  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for posting and now, I've, got a blog to read:

    Can't wait! People like me need all the great resources we can get!


Thank you.