Monday, August 5, 2013

Addison...Melanoma World's Youngest Warrior

Read her story. She's our two year old melanoma warrior princess who today learned, or rather her family and friends learned, her battle is coming to a close. At two years of age, she won't be able to really comprehend what's happening in her tiny body.

But we comprehend.

She has fought an adult-sized battle with adult-sized weapons--weapons that were never meant for a baby/toddler-sized body--and done it with a larger-than-life grace and strength. She has bounced back every time--until now.  She has taught us adults much in her short time. And now she will teach us how to stomp all over melanoma as she leaves it in the dust as she prepares to run her short race through Heaven's Gates of Praise and into her mama's waiting arms and her Lord's cancer-free Eternity.

She is, and always will be, our Addison.

Thank You, Lord, for the hope and miracle that is Addison. Unless You perform another miracle on her behalf, we're going to trust her into Your Loving Care. But You know what, Lord? That's where she has been all along, hasn't she? In Your Loving Care. And I, and all who inhabit Melanoma World are forever grateful.

Note: Little Addison died August 8, 2013. And we weep.


  1. Carol- Thanks for posting this update on Addison. So very sad. Your words were beautifully written, God bless and keep her and her loving family. Such a difficult time for them.


Thank you.