Sunday, May 5, 2013

Put Down The Orange And Back Away

We take our Black seriously around here!

The color and our message are so intertwined
That to usher in Orange just blows my mind!
Melanoma's a Beast and Black fits it just so.
Orange is too cheery. It just has to go.

Orange is a joke, the color of fake bake.
It's the reason so many have drowned in our lake.
To bring Orange to our party is just plain wrong.
You sing WITH us or you're not singing OUR song.

The notes in our song? Well, they're all black.
They're the names of the ones who aren't coming back.
They're the notes of the info we put out to be learned.
They're the stitches we get after melanoma has burned.

They're the tumors that grow and they spread all around.
They're Black and they're nasty. Deadly. Not making a sound.
Except for the dark cries of pain and of death that can loom.
Black it must be for there is no Orange bloom.

Black is our color and that's how it goes.
But our color has Power and it grows and it grows.
We're coming together and we're doing it for you.
Because we don't want you wearing Black, too.

Join us May 6th, Melanoma Monday. The dress code is Black. But not our spirits.
We're determined and united. Melanoma is going down.
Paint it Black.