Friday, September 21, 2012

This Is War (Against Melanoma) And We Will Win!

First Stand Up 2 Cancer had their hour broadcast and announced they have a Melanoma Dream Team. This link is to the full broadcast. The melanoma segment starts around minute 47.

Now, MD Anderson has announced they are launching their Moon Shots Program and melanoma is one of eight cancers they are targeting first. They are boldly declaring an end to cancer.

We, in the melanoma community, have had a growing sense that melanoma is coming down. It's days are numbered. We will win. Failing is not an option. It just isn't. There's an awful statistic hanging over the world's head and we have to make sure that it doesn't happen. That stat? That by 2022 melanoma will be the most common form of ALL cancers!

There are melanoma specific organizations that have been working a long time. But we've been the forgotten stepchild of the cancer world as the proprietor of Hotel Melanoma likes to say. Well, no more!

God is also raising up tremendous grassroots efforts, worldwide, to add fuel to the fire. There are a growing number of bloggers, there are a growing number of Facebook pages, there's Jilly's Jems, and there's Rock and Roll Italian style (this site is in Italian but you'll clearly see the word "melanoma"; they also have a Facebook page). Warriors have been on TV and radio and in magazines! Our message is getting out in a variety of ways!

There's a list of 26 things that will be obsolete in ten years. Tanning beds, a major cause of melanoma, are on that list. This is a link to that list-in-pictures.

Tanning beds are coming down. Melanoma is coming down. The days of both are numbered.

We will win, that's the only option we are willing to consider.

And I, as one among millions, am grateful.

Anybody who is smart will be grateful, too!