Friday, February 10, 2012

Mel! I Got You, Mel! Singing the Walk Nov. 17th

Recently I adopted Rich McDonald, proprietor of Hotel Melanoma, as my big brother. While he has yet to claim me as his little sister, he has made me Chaplain of his establishment and yesterday, as I write, called me "The Boss," though I don't know what I'm "boss" of (I heard that. Be quiet!) So some kind of nepotism is alive and well and I'm the recipient. It has taken a while for me to see nepotism in action but I like it!

What I'm really excited about is, after our AIM Walk November 17th, there's going to be an after party and while some are go-going on table tops, Rich and I will lead a group sing-along of some of his songs that make MelaWorld sing! As a preacher it excites me that I get to "sing the walk." We talk about walking the talk all the time in church. This time I'll sing the walk...with the one who writes the songs.

OK, he's not Donny Osmond or David Cassidy. Harry Chapin, Jim Croce or the group that sang "Crimson and Clover" over and over. And over. He says he can't sing. Define "sing." He does have the cool shades and banker-lawyer smugness so I have no qualms about him pulling this off! Especially since he'll be drowned out by everybody else! I sure am hoping Anne picks a place with a karaoke setup or somebody in the group better have perfect pitch.

For me, this is my chance to fulfill a teenaged dream and do it in a meaningful setting, more meaningful than I ever dreamed. I was one of those kids whose bedroom floor was their stage; their stuffed animals were their adoring, screaming fans; and their fist was their ever-present, always-handy microphone. And, in that dreamworld, man could I sing! Real life told a slightly different story.  But given the right song with the right key and the right pitch and the right earplugs, I'm still not too bad. Just ask my kids. On second thought, ask my two-year old granddaughter.

Whether we can carry a tune in a bucket or not, our songs matter. They help define us. They stir our souls, for better or worse. They can set a mood and a tone. They are a rallying point. They unite us. The Hotel Melanoma songs are our stories. We read them, sing along with the videos Rich provides with each, and know we're in good company. We know we're laughing and crying, nodding and commiserating with others through cyberspace.

To actually warble one or two with our melafriends, in the same room, face-to-face would be amazing. To give them voice with the one who gave them words would be astounding. Maybe dreams really do come true after all and maybe reality is better than dreams.

Need I say I'm looking forward to Saturday November 17th? It's not just the "Walk." It's not just the"singing the walk." It's the camaraderie. It will be giving real hugs to people I've come to know, love, and respect online. It will be putting voices with the faces. It will be really standing with the people I stand with.

There are four of us who call ourselves "Power Rangers" and we'll all meet: Rich, Chelsea Price, Al Estep, and myself. We've all got participatory plans for this after party, except Al! He may be the person slinking out the back door saying, "I do not know these people! I do not know these people! I do not know these people!" Rich, we may need to make sure Al helps lead the sing-along while Chelsea table dances. We need to make sure she has a pair of go-go boots.

Make plans to come to Charlotte, NC Saturday November 17th! Make plans to walk the talk. And then make plans to join us later as we sing and dance the walk together.

Join in the sharing of gratitude.

NOTE: Since writing this post, I've written yet another (a third) post about our Aim Walk.


  1. Oh, I plan to be the one with the camera and account to Youtube at the ready. :)

    I'm just glad you didn't ask me to wear the go-go boots!

  2. Too funny! So, you're the one to watch out for!

  3. .........Mission distract-Al-from-camera will begin at 8 am Saturday morning!

    I am so excited to hug all of you!


Thank you.