Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arf! These Are The Words I Would Say (Words of Wisdom Courtesy of Buddy Dog)

I'm sitting here looking at Buddy and he's imparting wisdom through canine-epathy. He has nothing better to do, as apparently, neither do I! Buddy is 7 years old and half Black Lab and half German Shepherd. He has been in the house since he was two weeks old and is fully convinced he's the higher life form around here. His vocabulary is better than some people's. So, he's quite qualified to tell us a thing or two.

1) All we really need are our daily essentials: food, water, a bathroom of some sort, and someone to scratch our back. God does provide! Just look outside!
2) Get real people! If a dog can love unconditionally, why can't you folks get a long better?
3) Get over it! If someone won't play nice, bring them a slipper or share your bone. Bring out the big guns, your squeak toy, if they're really nasty. Who can resist that?
4) The spice of life is grease! Add a little to each meal and even the worse food becomes palatable.
5) Vets may mean well, but, let's get real here. You people really don't fool us. Give it to us straight! Remember, you don't like going to the doctor, why should we? And, for the record,  needles aren't fun for us either!
6) Neither are those big pills that could choke a horse. Do you hear me neighing? Time for a reality check.
7) Be forgiving of others as your dog is forgiving of you.
8) Do you hear me complaining about every little thing? It doesn't take much for me to wag my tail. Why can't you be more like a dog?
9) Turn off the TV and computer. Put down the cell phone. Life's too short for all that. How about grab my leash and let's take a walk instead?
10) And when you don't turn off the TV, get off the computer, or put down the phone, just let me lay by your feet and I'll be truly happy and blissful.
11) Relish the simple stuff. I do. That's a dog's life!
12) Be grateful for the "good boy" and pat on the head. That's ample reward for being a good dog. I'm grateful. Why can't you be?

Buddy, you're a smart dog to be sure and you probably are a higher life form than me. You make a lot of sense.

And I am grateful!

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