Monday, November 29, 2010

A Chance

Last night I went to a youth development center to spend time with the young men who participate, have a brief Bible study, prayer, and Communion.  I typically do this the last Sunday night of each month.  I'm grateful to have this opportunity.

I'm grateful the Chaplain there allows me this ministry.  He's a great guy and has become a friend, not just a colleague in ministry.  But I'm also grateful to my NC Conference Bishop.  I'm a Local Pastor and as such I can't preside at Communion unless it is at my appointment.  I can volunteer all I want at the YDC and the bishop has no say-so, but taking Communion is another matter.  My Bishop, working within the Book of Discipline and with the consent of the YDC Chaplain, made this particular YDC part of my appointment for the sole purpose of me being able to take these young men Communion; sharing this vital means of grace with them.  He believes in what I'm doing that much!  He believes in the transforming power of this means of grace so much more!  And I am grateful for this chance to play a role in these young lives.

I'm also grateful for the power of a hug and forgiveness, for family, and for healing attitudes.
I am grateful for an attitude of gratitude.

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